Marketer, Blogger, Father

Naven Pillai is a highly experienced and knowledgeable digital marketer with over 10 years of experience. Naven started off as a website flipper who builds niche sites and monetizes them with Google AdSense and other ad networks.

Naven’s first digital marketing role was working as a freelancer for Exposureville, a digital marketing agency based in Malaysia. While working Naven also helped small-medium businesses in Malaysia to gain online visibility on search engines, especially Google.

Naven chose not to work for large companies because he was more interested in helping startups and small-medium businesses with a limited marketing budget to grow.

My Principles

I don’t see digital marketing as my profession, it’s my passion. I’m completely against marketing initiatives that are solely driven by money. I’m a believer in organic growth and that’s why I’m working for Zoho, a SaaS behemoth with more than 90 million global users.

In this digital age, data is everything. I focus on developing marketing plans based on data. It helps to reduce marketing cost and focus on initiatives that actually works.

Being honest and transparent is the most crucial element that people are missing today. No matter what you do be honest and completely transparent.

Dedication and hardworking will take you to greater heights in your life. Whatever you do just be dedicated and put in the hard work. You will definitely see the results.

Crazy About Results

I’ve always been a crazy person since young. It doesn’t matter if I succeed or fail, I just love the process of learning.

Currently, I’m working as a regional marketer at Zoho, a suite of online productivity tools and SaaS applications. Naven Pillai is a platform to share everything I’ve learned about marketing and technology.

My Side Hustle