Learn How to Use Your Brain Chemicals to Motivate Yourself

Written by Naven Pillai

Naven! Since when you started writing about motivation. I thought you like to write about business growth and marketing.

Ok, guys I know that’s what exactly running through your mind right now.  I just wanted to share things which inspired me so it can inspire you too.

I’m not going to talk about the chemicals that you can use to motivate yourself here. There are chemicals like amphetamine or crack which can provide stimulation to your brain.

Instead of using such chemicals which will create unwanted health issues in a long run, you can focus on getting the energizing chemicals within your system to motivate you. Did you know energizing chemicals are formed within your system when you are laughing, running, hugging or even kissing someone (hopefully that someone is your loved one, don’t kiss a stranger)?

When you’re doing positive activities there will be a chemistry change within your body which creates biochemical energies that energizes your whole body while increasing your motivational level.

One of my friend who was working at one of the prisons in Malaysia shared his experience on how some of the prisoners created their own world unto themselves with their mind. I know it sounds more like the people at asylum who lives in their own world. However, don’t look down upon them. A truly imaginative person can access their brain chemicals when they are alone, like the loneliness experienced by prisoners.

As I had mentioned earlier, you need to have fun to motivate yourself. But, you don’t have to go out there searching for things that make you happy. It’s deep inside you. You can create the opportunity for fun within your own energy system which synergizes perfectly with your heart and mind. There’s where you will find motivation.

One of my favorite lecturers often advises me to look at every single task I do as fun. He also added that if I don’t find it fun I’m not doing it the right way. I’ve always enjoyed his lecture classes and understand that he is doing something that’s fun.

Let’s talk about the people who get high on drugs especially marijuana. You can find them happy and laugh at everything when they are high. You might think they are having their “fun” moment after consuming drugs. But that’s not the case. Their capacity for fun is already been captivated by themselves. The drug just acts as the medium to artificially open them up to the “fun” factor.  But the health issues and psychological issues caused by the drugs could be extremely pricey.

Do you know drug addicts tend to be normal only when they consume drugs? It’s because the more they consume drugs the greater their paranoia. I met a former drug addict a few years back and had a deep conversation with him. He mentioned that he discovered something amazing once he recovered from his addiction. He told me that there are feelings that you can get without the drugs. I was amused.

Just make a commitment to yourself today. No tomorrow. Just do it today. Find the natural way to get high which will help you stay motivated all the time. It’s impossible for you to achieve within a day. You need to find out the activities that make you surround yourself with positive energy, happy feeling and to have fun.

If you’re having the difficulties in finding the fun, why don’t you create it? Just do a task in a fun manner. That’s your first step to self-motivation.

I’m not a motivational guru to guide you throughout the whole process. I’m sure you know what you can get many things accomplished when you stay motivated.

This article today is a small experience I’ve encountered meeting different people in my life. Experience teaches you something that books can’t teach you.

Go out there. Get your experience and always stay happy and motivated.


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