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Want to turn your business into an online growth machine? If you run your business in Malaysia and need result-driven SEO consultation… you’ve arrived at your destination.

You’re just one step away from hiring one of the best SEO consultants in Malaysia!

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I’m one of the SEOs in Malaysia who focuses on generating more revenue for local businesses. Over the years I’ve helped Malaysian business grow their online presence through transparent SEO services.

Your SEO Success Depends On Your Commitments

Even if you choose to work with the best SEO consultant in Malaysia, the success of SEO depends on your commitment. Even if I manage to provide you with all the strategies and tools to grow your website into a search marketing machine, without your commitment it’s not possible.

Authentic SEO is a long-term commitment because it takes time and effort to rank well and position yourself as an authority within your industry.

Become The Most Loved Business in Malaysia

As an SEO consultant in Malaysia, I strive to offer your world-class experience and results; for the long term. When you work with me, you’ll have access to the same processes and strategies I used to grow my own sites and client sites.

Be aware that no single SEO campaign is the same. Every business can implement the best strategies for their business to be successful with SEO.

A data-driven Malaysia SEO Professional.

If you care about conversion and revenue than you do about keywords and rankings, you’re the most ideal client I would love to work with. Let’s grow your business into organic traffic generating powerhouse in Malaysia

SEO and Content Marketing Services Targeting People (not search engines)

Your SEO campaigns should focus on providing the best user experience for your users. And I want to offer SEO services that make your visitors love you and your business offerings.

Search marketing is not about content and links; it’s all about your customer journey.

SEO roadmap for online businesses

Malaysia has close to 220,000 small-medium businesses and 3,000 startups. With a user-centric SEO roadmap, you can get your business to stand out from the crowd.

Develop SEO strategies that get your products and services in front of your potential customers. And the only way to do that is by positioning yourself as an authority in your industry.

Add-on services I can offer you

  • Buyer persona development
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • SEO audits
  • On-page optimization
  • Link building
  • White label SEO
  • SEO Action plan (6-12 months)
  • Website maintenance (WordPress, Webflow)
  • Content writing
  • Page speed optimization
  • HTML and CSS fix

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An SEO consultant that cares about your business 💖

Whether you’re a startup, small-medium business or even a multi-million dollar company, you’ll get the same attention.

Increase of 300% in organic traffic!

We have been working with Naven Pillai for almost a year now. SEO has become the #1 inbound marketing channel for our business. Although it took close to 6 months to see significant results from SEO, it was worth the wait. Naven Pillai was incredibly helpful in guiding us and transparent with everything he does. Thanks to Naven Pillai to make it possible to grow our business online.
Kumaran Somasundram

Best SEO consultant I’ve worked with

Since we started working with Naven Pillai, our website traffic from search engines has significantly increased. He knows his stuff and shows you the results to prove his SEO success. If you’re looking to increase your organic traffic to your site, then Naven Pillai is the best SEO guy to in Malaysia.
Mukesh Maran

Positive growth in Google Rankings

We highly recommend Naven Pillai’s SEO services to any business. Been working with him for about 2 years now, We are in a competitive industry and Naven Pillai uncovered hidden potential in our niche and helped us in improving our overall SEO efforts. He is extremely passionate about SEO and explains complicated SEO terms in simple English. Naven Pillai is one of the most result-driven and cost-effective SEO consultants in Malaysia
Cedric Vincent

Understand how search engine works

Whether it’s Google, Bing or Yahoo, they want to provide the best search experience for their users. There are billions of websites on the Internet. Each website has content and links. Search engines are using algorithms and machine learning technology to position web pages on SERPs.         

But it works differently for each niche. Search engines will never reveal the secrets of their ranking factors and I’m pretty sure you know why (they want to make more money from paid ads of course!)

SEO is still a form of marketing. And marketing should create an unforgettable experience for your audience. You just need to convince your audience that your products or services can make their life better.

E-A-T (Expertise, Authority and Trust)                 

Search engines like Google started to think and behave like humans. When a business shows that they are an expert in their niche with their website, they’ll be rewarded in terms of ranking and traffic. You need to show your expertise, authority and trust to gain long-term SEO success no matter how many times search engines choose to update their algorithm. And how do you do it?

Just focus on two important elements; links and content.

And always remember that search engines tend to rank pages instead of sites. So, you must make sure that your content is developed and optimized with the focus of fulfilling search intent.

Links still matter.

How you build your link can determine how search engines trust your website. Over the years, I’ve worked with people who know the ins and outs of link building. Although there is a huge debate about link building, I firmly believe link building is essential for competitive niches apart from quality content.

Put it this way. Search engines crawl and index your web pages on search results. The same goes for pages from other sites that add links to yours. Those pages get indexed and your search presence gets amplified.

I use white hat methods to build links for my clients. I’ve even written a guide on building links: Ultimate Guide to Link Building

What is it like to be an SEO Consultant in Malaysia?

Being an SEO consultant is not an easy task when you choose to grow your clients’ business revenue. It’s my responsibility to plan and execute SEO processes and guide you in making strategic decisions to improve your search performance.

I only work with clients who allow me to work with them as a team member. If you’re looking for someone to execute your plans, you may want to work with someone else.

My main job scope is to provide consultation on SEO and the guy you should reach out to for anything related to search marketing. I’m sharing my expertise and knowledge to grow your business for the fee you’re paying me. Nothing comes free in this world!

If you don’t have the budget to hire me for your SEO efforts, feel free to check out my blog. I’ve written in-depth guides and articles that can help you get started.          

I work from home in Malaysia. (I’ve been working remote for the past 5 years).

If you have any questions related to SEO or want to hire me for SEO consultation, feel free to email me at