How To Motivate Yourself By Building A Track Record?

Written by Naven Pillai

Do you feel tired doing something?

It’s not what you do makes you tired- it’s what you failed to complete that makes you tired.

I was talking to one of my friends recently and he shared his frustration. He never seems to “finish” anything that he started. He also added that he was jumping around other things and nothing gets completed. He then asked whether I could help him stay focused on completing a specific task. He was completely sure about one thing. Because he manages to find his problem with not focusing on completing his tasks.

The funny part was he asked whether there is a shortcut or some kind of mantra he can repeat as affirmations that will change the way his brain functions.  I just asked him a simple question.

” If you had to learn how to play soccer, could you do it by sitting on your couch and repeating your affirmations, ” I know how to play soccer. I’m a great soccer player”

He nodded his head and admitted that affirmations won’t provide any effect on his ability to play soccer.

This is what I told him, “the only way to change your mindset and belief is by changing the truth about yourself. There is a reason for humans to be a unique species. They tend to believe truth faster than false affirmations.  For you to become a person good at completing a task, you must start building a track record of finished projects/tasks”.

He agreed with my suggestion and started writing down the things he finished on daily basis. Each day he set small attainable goals and focused on accomplishing them. In the past, he would be writing an article on a specific blog and leave it unfinished when he gets a Facebook notification. Now he’d just ignore the notifications and focus on finishing his article and write it down in his daily completed tasks.

The more things he started writing down, the more confident and motivated he became. Now he has become a finisher. And he had everything written down on daily basis as a track record to prove his commitment to finishing his tasks. Imagine what would have happened if he believed in affirmations. He would be chanting “motivation mantra” all night long, ” I can complete this, I can complete that”. But his conscience would have known him better. I would have told him, ” No, you’re not going to finish anything”.

Many of you might be in the same situation as my friend. Stop worrying about what you think about yourself.  Start building your track record right now. It will continuously motivate you and help you achieve whatever you want.

Do you still have a problem with completing your tasks? Please share your experience by commenting below.

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