SEO Audit Malaysia: How to Audit Your Website

Does your Google Analytics show a sudden drop in organic traffic?

Are you wondering if you’ve been hit by Google’s Algorithmic Penalty?

Or do you want more value from organic search traffic?

Systematically executed SEO Audits and SEO strategies can get your site to the top of search ranking pages.

So, what will you actually get from an SEO Audit?

The right SEO audit will be custom tailored depending on specific issues or situations encountered by your site. However, some digital marketing agencies just produce a generic SEO audit report which does not include an in-depth analysis of the issues you’re facing.

Following are some of the top SEO aspects included in SEO audit reports:

Site Quality Analysis – the quality of your site will be analyzed. This analysis will cover the technical part of SEO which includes the following elements:

  • Identify crawl errors and crawl reports.
  • Check on the implementation of HTTPS. HTTPS is an extremely strong ranking factor for Google today.
  • Check errors with XML sitemaps.
  • Check on-site loading speed.
  • Check on the mobile-friendliness of the site.
  • Identify duplicate pages with keyword cannibalization.
  • Check on the internal linking structure

Keyword Research – the keywords and phrases your site is ranking for will be analyzed and evaluated in this phase.

Content Quality Analysis – the content of your site is analyzed and will use the following benchmarks to identify content quality:

  • The relevance and usefulness of content with your business niche.
  • The clarity and accuracy of your content.
  • The completeness of our content (the usage of sentences and grammar)
  • Check on the meta description of your content.
  • Check on CTA’s (Call-To-Action)

Inbound Link Analysis – the links you gained from other sites will be reviewed and analyzed in this section. The following elements are focused on in this section:

  • Check on Follow vs. No-follow links
  • Anchor text of links
  • The relevance of linking domains with your site
  • The authority of the domains linking to your site – various metrics are considered.
  • Spamminess of the linking domains

Competitor Analysis – analyze and review the top-performing sites in your niche. The following tasks are completed in this section:

  • Identify and analyze their keywords
  • Analyze competitor site optimization
  • Perform content analysis of competitors
  • Analyze competitor site design and UX
  • Analyze their link profiles
  • Bonus** Analyze their social media profiles

Rank Tracking – the actual ranking of your website for top keywords and phrases will be identified in this section.

These are the most important aspects that need to be covered in an SEO Audit report.

Identifying and analyzing the SEO problems faced by your site is not the only thing that should be included in the SEO Audit. The right SEO agency will also include the best action plans created exclusively for your problems.

This is where you’re able to differentiate the right SEO Agency.

If you opted for a free SEO Audit for your site, you won’t get the attention you deserve.

If you’re just looking for the basic SEO Audit, you can go for the free ones.

SEO Audit Pricing

Most of you might come across digital agencies offering Free SEO audits, especially the ones from Malaysia. Take a look at the screenshot of a digital agency offering free SEO audit

I don’t want to mention the name of this digital agency. They offer a free SEO Audit from MySiteAuditor. It’s a great tool to identify the basic problems with your site in terms of SEO.

But, if you’re serious about your business and want your site to generate leads, you need a specific and in-depth analysis of those problems with solutions.

Some of the new digital agencies use a Free SEO Audit strategy to generate more leads because it’s pretty tempting to get something for FREE!

Won’t you want something for FREE?

If you hire me for an SEO Audit, I don’t offer a free SEO Audit.

The fact is that I don’t even do unpaid consulting for businesses.

Let me tell you why I’m not offering a Free SEO Audit.

When I tested free audits, I managed to generate tons of leads but 95% of them were unqualified. They were not serious about their business. All they wanted was something for free. As a result-driven SEO Consultant, I charge a minimum of RM3,000 for a monthly retainer. So, this eliminates a lot of potential small projects, especially the ones from Malaysia.

I price my SEO Audit because I spend almost 10-20 hours identifying the SEO issues and developing strategic SEO roadmap and content marketing strategies to help clients achieve their business goals. Upon delivering the audit report, the client can decide whether they want to implement the solutions internally, outsource to other agencies or hire me.

Rather than just delivering the audit report and recommendations, I will organize a meeting with the client and explain to them in detail about the SEO problems and the recommended solutions which will take 3-4 hours.

Do you think it’s worth my effort to offer 10-20 hours of work for free?

If a business is looking for a monthly retainer of RM2,000 or lower, probably offering a Free SEO Audit will be a great strategy for most digital agencies.

The cost of an audit will depend on the nature of the site whether it’s informational or eCommerce. Moreover, it also depends on the complexity and size of the problems.

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