Hi, I’m Naven Pillai
Data-Driven Marketer

Naven Pillai has helped build result-driven SEO & Content Marketing strategies for startups and small-medium businesses in Malaysia. The SEO strategies that he implemented have helped businesses to increase organic search traffic and improve their revenue. Drive quality search traffic to your business website with Naven Pillai today!

Skills and Knowledge

Over 11 years of experience in the digital marketing space


Communication is essential to building long-term business relationships. For me, the business relationship is more important than the results. I care about my client’s business.

An SEO consultant that cares about your business ๐Ÿ’–

Whether you’re a startup, small-medium business or even a multi-million dollar company, you’ll get the same attention.

Increase of 300% in organic traffic!

We have been working with Naven Pillai for almost a year now. SEO has become the #1 inbound marketing channel for our business. Although it took close to 6 months to see significant results from SEO, it was worth the wait. Naven Pillai was incredibly helpful in guiding us and transparent with everything he does. Thanks to Naven Pillai to make it possible to grow our business online.
Kumaran Somasundram

Best SEO consultant I’ve worked with

Since we started working with Naven Pillai, our website traffic from search engines has significantly increased. He knows his stuff and shows you the results to prove his SEO success. If you’re looking to increase your organic traffic to your site, then Naven Pillai is the best SEO guy to in Malaysia.
Mukesh Maran

Positive growth in Google Rankings

We highly recommend Naven Pillai’s SEO services to any business. Been working with him for about 2 years now, We are in a competitive industry and Naven Pillai uncovered hidden potential in our niche and helped us in improving our overall SEO efforts. He is extremely passionate about SEO and explains complicated SEO terms in simple English. Naven Pillai is one of the most result-driven and cost-effective SEO consultants in Malaysia
Cedric Vincent

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Naven Pillai: Your #1 Choice for SEO in Malaysia

As an experienced SEO consultant, I have to be my own cheerleader. With that in mind, here are some of the best things you should know about me and why I’m the best choice in Malaysia for SEO.

  • I started SEO in 2010. The main reason for starting SEO is to get my niche sites ranked for targeted keywords on Google. In order to generate clicks for Adsense (Google publishes ads on your site) and increase the worth of my site, I had to focus on SEO.
  • I’ve come a long way fixing sites for all major Google Algorithm updates (from Penguin to Broad Core).
  • Helped companies to generate from RM0 to RM100,000 per month in revenue with SEO.
  • Increased organic search traffic by 300% – 500% within 6-12 months.
  • I don’t rely on PBNs to build links for my clients. I focus on blogger outreach strategy.
  • I do not offer guarantees on results because SEO is unpredictable and we need to dance according to Google Algorithm changes. What I can guarantee is absolute transparency.
  • I don’t care about vanity metrics. I only care about generating more revenue for your business.
  • Whether you’re a startup, small-medium business or multi-million dollar company, my goal is the same: grow your business with SEO.

If you’re searching from Malaysia, please visit my Malaysia SEO consultant page.